Fast, High Quality, Property Damage Reconstruction

Fast, High Quality, Property Damage Reconstruction2021-03-24T15:35:34-04:00

We Give Our Clients Their Property Back

Delivering high-quality repairs without the headache

Restoring a property after a disaster requires an enormous effort from multiple trades. The remediation company has to diagnose the problem, stop further damage and clean up; the insurance companies have to appraise and finance the job, and that’s before repairs have even begun. With this much complexity, delays have become the industry norm, and that’s why you want The Hamel Company.

We’ve spent over a decade developing our organization to work hand in hand with the trades required to complete your repairs quickly and efficiently. From carefully planning the elements required to align with the insurance companies, we go the extra mile in every phase of your repair. As a result our customers experience faster repairs with less headaches, so they can get back to their life or business.

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Take a look at how The Hamel Company works to give you your property back. Regardless of size or difficulty, we commit to offering you high-quality repair, in an efficient and timely manner.


An internal waterline rupture in the long term acute care wing of a hospital caused damage to over 23,000 square feet of space on two floors. This project required immediate make-safe of electrical and fire safety systems. Close coordination of working with the mitigation specialist was…


A faulty toilet valve on the third floor of this newly purchased three-family rental property caused damaged to all three floors including two kitchens and three bathrooms. The Hamel Company assisted the landlord in rebuilding the property while working around existing tenant needs and…


This customer experienced a leaking pipe in the concrete slab of their home’s foundation. After the affected areas had been thoroughly dried, The Hamel Company began work on the repairs. The leak was not detected right away and by the time it was discovered it had rotted part of the base plate along one wall. The base plate was replaced and…


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